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Services in 2020/2021

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13 September: with Rob Lens van Rijn
11 October, with Rahman Yakubu

8 November, with Luuk Deventer
13 December, with Lia vd Plaat
14 February, with Stephen Murray
14 March, with Jan Witsel
11 April, with Stefan Francke
9 May, with Rob Lens van Rijn

Address: Gasthuiskerk, Lange Delft 94 Middelburg
Start 7.30 PM

Update Covid-19 situation

Churches have been told to limit the number of worshippers.  As 'Time4God' service, we are not used to have huge crowds in church, but we want to take our responsability,  and this is what we do:

  • the number of visitors is limited 
  • we ask you to desinfect your hands before entering the church
  • we are making a record of the name, contact phone number and email address of visitors.
  • we keep our distance during the service
  • we don't drink coffee and tea afterwards
  • you can watch the service online: 

    No need to sign up, we are usually with a small group. Do you have more questions? Contact us.


In our services the collected money  is split 50/50 between the Time4God expenses and the Middelburg Prison 'Torentijd'. We support 'Gevangenenzorg Nederland.' This organization trains volunteers to talk with (ex-) prisoners and their family members. They give them a new perspective, so that a criminal way of life can be abandoned and they offer help when people leave prison to take their place in society again. 

Gifts can also be donated online: 
IBAN: NL02RABO0102566267,  Time4God Middelburg. Thank you in advance!


The music and songs vary from month to month.  Sometimes we invite a pianist or choir, sometimes a band, or students provide musical support. Are you a musician and are you enthusiastic about the idea of ​​making music in a church service? Contact us!


Because we deal with many different people and backgrounds, we invite speakers with different (church) backgrounds. Sometimes the service will have more of an Anglican character, at other times more Evangelical, depending on the pastor. What all these pastors have in common: love for the word of God and a warm heart for people. They offer their services voluntarily.
(Photo: Pastor Luuk Deventer)


In addition to the church services,  there is an opportunity to meet others in an informal setting at home. Once a month we enjoy a meal together,  in a small group with people of different ages and backgrounds. During the meal someone gives a '15 minute talk and  sometimes we sing some songs. (Covid Permitting!)  There is plenty of time for  conversations and meeting new people. We meet in Middelburg on Sundays from 5-7 PM. The meals are free, and all are welcome, but please sign up. Want to join us? Contact Irma: mailto: 
or call /Whatsapp: +31 630212360